Implementing Ethics in Research During Pandemic

A Qualitative Inquiry


  • Glenn Guira
  • Roseli Aurelio
  • Wilfredo Ramos
  • Carissa Balaria
  • Marites Pagdilao



It is critical that ethical guidelines specified by ethics review committees be followed while doing research during a pandemic (Yeoh & Shah, 2021). Studies involving humans must be carried out in accordance with the highest ethical standard (International Development Research Center, 2021). The aim of the study is to explore and understand the meaning of participants’ lived experiences in conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study’s phenomenological approach uncovered participants’ description of their lived experiences in the field of conducting research for the advancement of science. It selected twelve participants by purposive selection from the general population. A semi-structured interview guide was used to collect the narratives. Three major themes emerged from the research: Ethics as a Core of Research, Witnessing Ethics as a Synonym for Poor Quality, and Inviolable Protection from Harm. To maintain the consistency and excellence of all research performed during the pandemic, it is recommended that exemplary techniques be established to ensure that all research inquiries are subjected to strict ethical scrutiny.



2022-05-03 — Updated on 2023-02-09