Assessing the Self-Leadership and Academic Performance of the Selected Students of Philippine Science High School – SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus Students


  • Bonifar Barulado, Jr.



self-leadership, academic performance, academic achievement, self-motivation, social cognitive theory, secondary education, leadership studies


Studies concerning self-leadership in college students have been explored, and academic performance through external assessments has been explored. Meanwhile, self-leadership among high school students concerning their academic performance should be studied to provide meaningful insight into their potential role as future leaders. The study looked at whether there is an association between self-leadership and academic performance among students at the Philippine Science High School - SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus (PSHS-SRC). The abbreviated self-leadership questionnaire (ASLQ) gauged the levels of self-leadership of PSHS-SRC students and their academic performance through their general weighted average (GWA) of the second quarter of the school year 2021–2022. A T-test and ANOVA were used to determine the association between self-leadership and academic performance. With a mean score of 4.03, PSHS-SRC students have a generally high level of self-leadership, particularly in the domains of task motivation (item 6; 4.20) and constructive cognition (item 7; 4.45). Self-leadership scores of female students are higher than those of male students, but contrary to previous research, it was discovered that there is no association between self-leadership, age, grade level, and academic performance. It was interesting to note that the study was conducted on high school students rather than university students and professionals, which contradicted the results of the latter. Furthermore, the development of future school policies can use the research as a platform to build curricula and educational environments designed to display, highlight, and foster self-leadership among students to complement their academic performance.